SYMATESE SHANGHAI Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 and located in Pudong District, Shanghai. It was once the branch office of PEROUSE MEDICAL, which was acquired by SYMATESE GROUP in 2015. SYMATESE SHANGHAI Co., Ltd. distributes all serial products manufactured by PEROUSE MEDICAL andSYMATESE GROUP, including totally implantable access device (port), inflationdevice, Y connector, high-pressure connection line and dermal regenerationmatrix. The products include transcatheter heart valves, silicone breast implants, bonesubstitute, dermal regenerative matrix, oxidized regeneratedcellulose,hyaluronic acid etc.

希玛德医疗器材(上海)有限公司成立于2007年,坐落在上海浦东,其前身为法国PEROUSE MEDICAL的全资子公司,于2015年被法国SYMATESE GROUP收购。公司主要负责法国贝鲁斯医疗集团PEROUSE MEDICAL 和法国希玛德医疗集团SYMATESE GROUP全线产品在中国的注册和独家代理销售。目前产品范围涉及肿瘤科(输液港,穿刺针);影像和血管介入产品(高压连接管,球囊充盈装置,Y止血阀,桡动脉止血器)以及整形整容和烧伤创伤产品(双层皮肤再生基质)。主要产品有:经导管心脏瓣膜、硅胶乳房假体、人工骨、真皮再生基质、止血海绵、可吸收氧化纤维素、人工晶体推注器、透明质酸等。

With more than 30 years of registration and sales experience in the Chinese market, as well as the stable financial status, independent shareholders and the board of directors  for more than 20 years, SYMATESE SHANGHAI Co., Ltd. is your best choice to enter the Chinese market.

The strategy and vision of SYMATESE SHANGHAI Co., Ltd. is to cooperate with companies developing new medical products worldwide. You may subcontract the design, registration, and sales of finished or semi-finishedmedical devices to us. The cooperation between us will be carried out through acustomized agreement, which will be adjusted according to the specificsituation and needs of customers. We not only understand the value ofcollaboration, but also work with our partners to create and develop a healthy,innovative, and long-term business environment.

SYMATESE SHANGHAI Co., Ltd. offers services ranging from theregistration of novel medical materials to the sale of innovative medicalproducts.




The project is handled and coordinated by the professionalproject leader within the team, and each team member is responsible for theexclusive business section, independent and cooperative with each other.


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